Which is better for interior walls, wall putty or pop?

Are you confused about whether to use wall putty or pop for interior walls?

Let know about the POP and wall putty first.

i) Plaster of Paris (POP)

Plaster of Paris commonly known as POP is a mixture of cement and sand which forms a smooth and hard surface on the walls when applied. POP is a gypsum-based material.

POP is used for the interior walls only. Mainly for making different designs in the fall ceiling. POP gives smoothness to the walls and gives an excellent finish to the interior rooms. POP cannot be used in the exterior walls because due to poor water-resistant of it which causes dampness in the wall. POP is a bad conductor of heat, so it keeps rooms cool. On average 25 kg bag of POP covers around 50 sq.ft. area of the wall having 5 to 6mm thickness. After the application of POP, the average setting out time is just 20 minutes but it sets evenly. Water curing is not required for POP. According to your necessity and choice, you can give any shape and design to the POP coated walls.

POP used in celling

ii) Wall Putty

Wall putty is a cement-based product or simply white powder. Wall Putty is made up of white cement and polymers. It provides a defensive base for costly paints. Ingredients of the wall putty: White Cement + Polymers + Fillers to make it smooth

You can use wall putty in on both interior and exterior walls. It can be applied to moist walls too. On average one kilogram, wall Putty covers around 8-15 sq.ft. area based on the finish of the walls. And, the average setting time is around 2 hours after the application. It is complex to apply as compared to POP. But you can apply multiple layers for better finishing of walls. Since wall Putty is water-resistant so it does not absorb water. In the market weight of 20 KG bag of wall-putty is available in different price ranges.

In conclusion, for the interior walls, if you need a smooth finish and decorations, POP is a good choice. But at the same time, you need to care about the water, if POP came in contact with water, dampness will be seen in walls. Also, it can not fill the holes and crack as wall putty does. So, wall putty is a perfect choice for interior walls because it gives the best wall finishing and cost-efficiently.

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