Use of Sand on construction !!!

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It consists of small angular or round grains of silica and is formed by the decomposition of sandstone under the effect of weathering agencies. Sand is commonly used as a fine aggregate in the plain cement concrete. It may be either natural sand e.g. river sand, pit sand, and sea sand or artificial sand i.e. prepared by crushing stones and gravel to powder form.

Characteristics of Sand (Fine aggregate)

  1. Clean, sharp and angular
  2. Hard strong and durable.
  3. Chemically an inert material
  4. Highly silicious and free from impurities such as clay, loam, dust, coal particles and organic matter.

Functions of Sand

  1. It fills the voids present in the coarse aggregate.
  2. It assists in the hardening of cement by allowing water to penetrate through its voids.
  3. Help to minimizes shrinking and cracking of concrete.
  4. It prepares concrete economically, of any required strength, by varying its proportions.
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  1. In my country we use dry river sands, but that sand where finished, there is no sea near my town, to establish manufacturing sand which type of stone is suitable to process.
    please tell me another source where I can get fine aggregate,
    Some companies use type of sand found in subsurface depth in below the earth.

  2. You can make sand by stone crushing, which can also have the function of natural sand. You can use Sedimentary rocks for manufacturing sands. Which are best for the fine aggregates. I don’t have much idea about the sand found in the subsurface of the earth.

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