Types of Lime Used in Construction

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Lime is one of the most important cementing materials in which the oxide of Calcium obtained from limestone (CaCo3). But in recent times cement has replaced the use of lime to a great extent.

Even in the present time, lime can be used as a reliable and economical cementing material where Portland cement is either costly or is not easily available as in hilly regions and remote villages by decomposition.

Those materials which possess the property of adhesion and cohesion between different materials to form a strong bond between them are termed as cementing material. In other words, such material which has the capacity at bounding between structural units is known as cementing material.

Use of Lime

It is used as popular cementing materials due to its high strength, durability, plasticity, and workability. It is cheaper and easily available. Used as cementing material for mortar in different construction.

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Types of Lime Used in Construction

Mainly in construction, the lime is classified into 3 types:

  1. Quick lime
  2. Hydrated, poor or lean lime
  3. Hydraulic lime

1) Quick lime

Quick lime is also called fat, rich, pure or white lime. It is the lime in which high calcium oxide is 95% and 5% impurities such as silica and Alumina (in the form of clay). High calcium oxide setting and hardening depends on the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • It is obtained by calcining (manufacturing process of lime) the purest available calcium carbonate.
  • It is a slow setting and takes much time in Harding.
  • It is used for plastering and whitewashing.
  • Not suitable for the use as mortar because of poor strength and slow hardening.

2) Hydrated, poor or lean lime

It is that lime to which a sufficient quantity of water was already been added at the manufacturing stage to hydrate (slake). It may be a fine powder. It contents more than 5 % of clay impurities. It sets and hardens slowly. It is used both for plaster and lime mortar.

3) Hydraulic lime

It is also known as water lime. It is different in chemical composition form fat lime in that it contains a definite amount of clay in addition to Calcium oxide. The clay content in hydraulic limes may range from 10-30% by weight.

The clay plus lime composition gives the hydraulic lime a property of hydraulicity. Which may be defined as the capacity to set and harden even underwater and in the absence of air as between a very thick wall.

Use of lime in construction

  1. Used for plastering walls.
  2. Used for whitewashing.
  3. Used as a flux in the metallurgical industry.
  4. Used as lining in a furnace.
  5. As a raw material for manufacturing cement
  6. Water treatment and sewerage treatment plant
  7. It is used for the stabilization of soil.

Reference Article: Use of lime in construction

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