Traffic Engineering

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Traffic engineering is a branch of civil engineering which deals with the safety, efficiency and systematical movements of people on the roadway. Mainly it was focused on the efficient flow of traffic with minimum possibilities of the accidents.

According to the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) defines traffic engineering as “That phase of engineering which deals with planning, geometric design and traffic operations of roads and streets and highways, their networks, terminals, abutting lands, relationships with other modes of transportation for the achievement of safe, efficient and convenient movement of persons and goods”

Objectives of traffic engineering

  1. To make a safe roadway.
  2. To minimize the rate of accidents on roads.
  3. To provide smooth movement.
  4. To make the route comfortable.
  5. To minimize travel time and cost of travel.

Among the above objectives, the most prior thing is safety. According to the World Health Organization, every year nearly 1.25 million people died due to road accidents. On average daily 3,287 people died daily on the road accident worldwide. And 20-40 million people injured or disabled.

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Scope of Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering has related to the study, analysis, planning, designing and movements of vehicles on the roadway.

Some other scopes are:

  1. Analysis of accident and study
  2. Study of Traffic characteristics- user and vehicle
  3. Operation- sign, signal, marking, and regulation
  4. Parking facilities and lighting detail planning
  5. Research on the behavior of pedestrians and drivers.
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