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Top best websites civil engineers must visit?


The websites are generally used and recommend:

NPTEL: The various courses of NPTEL, made by professors of IITs are very useful in terms of expanding your knowledge or to understand something you couldn’t understand while at college.

American Society of Civil Engineers: This Society is world renowned for the huge amount of membership. ASCE library is full of technical papers and journals.

Structural Madness: A structural engineering blog written in a simple way.

Civil Digital: Very good articles on various topics in construction.

The Constructor: Civil Engineering: This website is also a good forum and has various articles on Construction, Geotechnical, and Structural.

ICE- Institution of Civil Engineers: This UK based website has various benefits, be it the forums, technical papers, conferences and latest news and technology.

Civil Engineering News and Resources- TheCivilEngineer.org: This website has various resources for civil engineering.

Budding Creators Blog on Quora: This new blog by Kasee Sreenivas has posts related to construction in very simple and detailed manner.

Civil Simplified: If you are free for some days and feel like doing a workshop/training session, this website is for you. It has workshops ranging from surveying to structural.

National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering: This website has all the papers and info regarding Earthquake Engineering.

The Steel Construction Information System: This website is very useful if you want to know anything about steel construction.

Faadoo Engineers: I have mentioned this website because it is a good source for getting EBooks of civil engineering.

Civil Engineering and Construction Review (CECR) Magazine: This magazine has amazing articles based on the theme of the magazine that month. You get to know about new technologies and construction practices.

The American Society of Civil Engineers – the best association for civil engineers with 124,000 members in 142 countries.

iCivilEngineer.com – thousands of hand-picked websites with information about civil engineering and technology

The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) – an international non-profit organization formed in 1987 to recognize innovations in the construction industry that improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of construction; each year the CIF honors innovators with the Nova Award.

The Institution of Civil Engineers – includes lists of conferences, careers advice for students, ICE and Thomas Telford publications, information on professional development, online civil engineering discussion forum, useful reference source for all aspects of civil engineering

Civil Engineer – covers areas of study related to civil engineering

AboutCivil.org – free download of civil engineering lectures, tutorials, ebooks, course notes, software, Wiki encyclopedia

Dr. Hubert Chanson’s Website – research results and photographs relating to the fields of fluid mechanics, hydraulics and environmental engineering, by a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland, Australia

HeadsView – develops software for road, railway, highway, airport, tunnel, bridges, structures, irrigation, mining projects, lead by Techsoft Engineering Services

Civil Simplified new – company offering workshops/training programs in civil engineering, developed by IIT Kanpur graduates

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