Tips for choosing strong and secure password

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In daily life due to the importance of Internet and mobile phone, the need for safe and strong passwords has increased. The safety of the password used in various Internet accounts is associated with the privacy, including economic, social, and ethics.
To safeguard your password, you should pay some effort. Otherwise, someone is willing stealing or hack your passwords. Which is likely to theft, not only your secret data but also bank money.

Here are some ways to set a strong password for the password to be weak and secure:

1.. Do not use the same password for multiple websites or accounts. If someone can steal one of your account passwords, then all accounts are likely to get hacked. It means that a single lock can open the entire drawer.
2. By mistake too don’t use weak passwords such as 123456, 0000, 2468 and Facebook and which everyone can guess. Hackers gives first priority to this type of easy and plain password. And there are many incidents that these password are easily hacked by many hackers.
3. Do not keep things like your wife, baby boy, apartment, favorite game or club, your office’s name which are easy to guess also.

4. The longer and the specific character your password is, the more secure it is. So choose those password in which you use the uppercase – capital letter and mixed character in it. This makes the password more secure and safe.

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5. Do not write your passwords in paper, notes or on a computer anywhere. If you are afraid of forgetting your password and write it in a paper, do not send it to someone else . You can write a lot of words or write a few letters, but you can remember it. Even by mistake don’t share to anyone. In many cases it was found that nearer ones misuse password after getting it.

6. If you want to keep your password online , you can keep your password online and use it any time. LastPass, SplashID Safe like software store your Password  and encrypt your password. You can login by providing your master password to the website.

5. Never put your mobile phone lock free. Your phone may have very important information about yourself, which may be visible to others.

Choosing a hard-to-guess, but easy-to-remember password is important !

Put strong password on online accounts and get saved from the eyes of hacker.

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