Some inventions of science, which changed our lives

The present era has become an era of information technology. The human life has been stolen by tech and with out technology difficult to imagine life.

There are some scientific discoveries of human life and the task to make it easier and excellent, and its inventor lists:

  1. Mobile phone: Number of Mobiles is more than the number of people in the world. The integral part of the life of the mobile people has been established. Scientists of mobile phones is Martin Cooper.
  2. Microwave: Not only for cooking, but the microwave used in various works. It was invented by Percy Spencer.
  3. Electro photography: Its inventor is Chester Carlson.
  4. ATM: ATM, is now an integral part of the banking system. Its inventor is John Shepherd.
  5. Computer mouse: The mouse mouse button may look normal. But it has revolutionized the use of computer. Douglas Angler is a inventor of computer mouse.
  6. Electrically Welding: Welding is very important in the construction of metallurgy. Electric welding has been invented by Elh Thompson.
  7. Worldwide Web: Tim Berners, inventor of WWW, written before the Internet address.
  8. Bicycles: The invention of cycles is made by McMillon.
  9. Calculator: The discovery of Calculator has done Pascal.
  10. Radio: The invention of the radio by Marquonie and the invention of the television JL Beard has done. Similarly, the FM radio invention Edwin Armstrong has done.
  11. Thermometer: The thermometer of the thermometer is done by Galileo Galilee.
  12. The X-ray x-ray machine is invented by Wilhelm Conrad Roentzen.
  13. Camera: The invention of the cameras is done by Joseph.
  14. Helicopter: If the invention of the helicopter is Bakquet, the air invention right Brothers have done.
  15. Vacuum: The invention of Vacuum Cleaner is a discovery of washing machines.
  16. Photocopy: Photocopy machine American scientist Chester Carlson has invented.
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