7 fields where Scope of Civil Engineering

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What are the Scope of Civil Engineering?

A common question in the mind of those students, who planning civil engineering.

Before choosing civil engineering, many students try to gather information about the scope or future of civil engineering.

So, they starting googling the information about civil engineering, may ask some relatives or someone seniors who are studying civil engineering.

After my Intermediate, I did the same thing 😀 .

Even I’m confused at that time whether to choose civil engineering or not.

So in this article, I am gonna discuss about the scope of civil engineering only.

Before discussing the scope of civil engineering, you should know why you need to choose civil engineering.

Every profession is important and for the smooth functioning of society, every profession should be respected and given importance. Engineering is not just the study of 50 subjects but it is moral studies of intellectual life. You will learn many during and after engineering.

Engineering itself is a challenging and tough profession. You have to work with society, with contractors, under the political influence but you should have to keep your moral ground high. At the same time, you have responsibilities toward society.

Civil Engineer is not that one who just looks after the construction work but the one who makes dreams come true.

Simply, we can call engineer the god who builds other’s dreams, this line may be controversial but just look at these biggest and the incredible construction works all around the world.

7 fields where Scope of Civil Engineering 1

As being a good scientist you have to with your original ideas but to be a good engineer you need to makes a design that works with a few ideas as possible.

Although civil engineers have lots of scopes you may go for as a surveyor, as a site engineer, in the construction sector, in planning & designing and much more.

As an engineer, you gave shape with perfection to the works so for every filed the engineers are required.

Some fields where Scope of civil engineering are as follows:

A) Civil Engineer as Project Manager or Assistant Project Manager

Different NGOs and private companies related to construction seek engineers as there project manager or as an assistant project manager. In different construction projects civil engineers heads. So, in a developing country like us, there is a lot of possibilities and scope for civil engineer.

B) Civil Engineer as a Site Engineer

In Civil Engineering works, the site engineer is mostly required to conduct the work as per guidelines. And also to maintain the quality of works the civil engineers are seeking as a site engineer.

C) Quality control Executive

Since, as per the plan, the construction may be going on so to maintain the quality of works civil engineer is required. It a great channel for companies to maintain the quality and deliver it in fixed time so civil engineers are used as quality control executives. Also in tender works, whether that particular company works according to the requirement or not to check it quality control officer is required.

D) Planning and Design Officer

After engineering, you may get a chance to work in an important portfolio of government or some private construction company as planning and designing officer. To become a planning and designing officer you need more experience to deal with the problem and new ideas.

E) Civil Engineer as Surveyor

Before making a plan for any construction, the survey of that particular place is necessary. After making the survey report of that site the other works are conducted. So, as a surveyor, you can build your future in civil engineering. Surveying is tough work, but there is lots of money. Per day you may earn up to $100 – $150 which is quite good.

F) Civil Engineer as Consultant

As a consultant, you may work after graduation. The consultant is one of the easy but risky work. In valuation work, you can work for different banks. For property valuation bank hire civil engineers but while working as a valuation officer you must be careful and stay safe from the risk estimate of the property.

G) Civil Engineer on Construction

In every construction, engineer’s views are taken. Depending upon the cost of construction works, engineers are directly or indirectly involved in it. So, in construction filed the demand of civil engineers is high. Also, engineers are the backbone of construction no works can be better without engineer’s suggestion because after completing civil engineers much technical knowledge as an engineer you gains which are helpful in the construction field.

So, if you are planning to choose this course go for it.

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