Roles of Civil Engineers for Society

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Every action of engineering is directly related to societal issues, and hence engineers have an impact on society. By using engineering techniques in the meantime engineer helps to solve the societal problems.

Some of the basic roles of civil engineers for society are:

  1. Help and train people to operate and maintain the solution system for its sustainability.
  2. Regularly interact with society to understand the societal issues and propose a plan for the of short-medium-long term solutions.
  3. To provide technical support to the society.
  4. Solve the societal issues without compromise with the safety, and environmental options.
  5. To help in the decision-making process to choose the best option.
  6. For optimum design, including detailed specifications to implement the designed product.
  7. By technical supervising on the construction works.
  8. By providing training to the people to operate and maintain the constructed work.

How can an engineer help to change society?

Engineers can help society by bringing the following Changes:

  1. By lowering the cost of construction work.
  2. By maintaining the safety of workers as a site.
  3. By faster construction of the project.
  4. By increasing productivity.
  5. By maintaining the quality of work.

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