Tips for selecting bricks? 10 quality of good bricks!

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Either you are a civil engineer or a contractor or owner planning to construct a building or other construction works, it is necessary for you to select the good quality of bricks as construction materials.

You do not have to build a perfect wall. You have to lay a perfect brick.

Will Smith

Like this proverb, you can not build a perfect wall without perfect bricks and other building materials. So in this article, I am sharing the tips with which you can easily select and identify the bricks of good quality.

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10 tips for selecting good quality of bricks for construction work.

Follow these 10 tips/points to get the best quality of brick.

  1. Bricks should be standard size as specified per dimension (230 × 110 × 55)mm.
    • Note: The size of brick may vary from county to country.
  2. When two bricks are struck with one another, it should give clear metallic ringing sound.
  3. Bricks should be well burnt and should possess sharp edges.
  4. A good brick should not absorb water more than 20% of its dry weight. At any case absorption should not exceed 25%
  5. A good brick should possess required compressive strength should not be less than 35kg/cm2.
  6. It should be hard enough so that it is not scratched by a fingernail i.e. impression should be made on the surface.
  7. A very rough test for testing strength of brick, brick fall freely from a height about 2m on to a hard surface floor, it should not break.
  8. Specific gravity should be greater than 1.8.
  9. The brick should have uniform color and structure throughout its body.
  10. The recommended standard size of an ideal brick is 230mm-110mm-55mm which with mortar joints gives net dimensions of 240mm-120mm-65mm.

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