Pro tips for presentation to make interactive and creative

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Presentation is a speech containing authentic and specialized or technical information or new ideas on a specific topic for the audience. It is an opportunity to enhance prestige, influence others by logical views, and to make an important position in an organization.

Start Presentation like a pro

Be confident, be polite and talk point to point.

Pro-tips for presentation

Before starting the presentation first, be clear and confident about all the topics. There maybe comments, explanations, clarifications and exchange of views among the audience and the presenter during the presentaion. Most of the people fear is public speaking whether it is in front of a class, coworkers, managers, strangers and they experience physical symptoms of sweating, trembling, rapid heartbeats, blank mind, dryness in the mouth, voice quiver, etc.

Regular practice of presentation or a habit to speak before mass is an elixir to get rid of the problem of hesitation.

Start the presentation on power-point by displaying key points of it, related diagrams, photographs, quotations, etc.

7 Presentation Skills and Tips to Leave an Impression

11 pro tips make a presentation interactive

a) Research your topic: choose a topic and collect the data or relevant material to back up your message and convince your audience.

b) Analyze your audience: Know their technical background, intention and their level of knowledge about the topic.

c) Outline your message: Include the main point and other subordinating points to support it in a sequence.

d) Mark the material which you purpose to emphasize.

e) Decide the place where you would use a question, an anecdote or a story to fortify your argument.

f) Decide an audio-visual aid, to be used by you.

g) Get comfortable in the room, take some deep breathes and arrange your notes and visual aids.

h) Start with an introduction: introduce yourself and your subject matter and orient your audience to the scope of your speech.

i) Use your note cards or visual aids to prevent missing important points.

j) Don’t let questions deviate from your main topic.

k) End with a summary of your main points: Rather to introduce the new points, reestablish your key points and show how they logically lead to your conclusion.

Use visual on Presentation

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Gestures that makes you cool during the presentation

Follow these 12 gestures during the presentation:

  1. —Smile passionately or maintain a cheerful look.
  2. Clean, neat and well-tailored dress up. —
  3. Body gestures. —
  4. Eye contact. —
  5. Humorous opening.
  6. —Commanding and powerful vocabulary.
  7. The exact meaning of words and correct pronunciation.
  8. Change the pitch of your voice otherwise, it will be like a tape recorder.
  9. Use of statistical data.
  10. Use audio-visual data. —
  11. Distribute handout if possible. —
  12. Conclude with humorous closing in time.

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