Preventive measures of Waterlogging

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If the productivity of land decrease with a rise in water table then the land is said to be water logged. Waterlogging is the saturation of soil with water.

Causes of waterlogging

  1. Due to over and intense irrigation.
  2. Due to inadequate natural drainage.
  3. Seepage of water from adjoining high lands.
  4. Seepage of water from the canal from the upper level.
  5. Because of the impervious layer.
  6. Irregular topography.
  7. Due to high rainfall.
  8. Land submerged due to flood.

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Effects of waterlogging

  1. It decreases the production of the land.
  2. Difficulty in cultivation works.
  3. Unnecessary grass/weeds grow in the land.
  4. increase the cases of malaria in waterlogged places.
  5. decrease the temperature of the as a result bacterial activity is decreased and so does productivity.
  6. Land converted in salinity (salty land) due to waterlogging.

Preventive measure of waterlogging:

1) By reducing the intensity of irrigation.
2) By providing a drainage system.
3) By improving pre-existing or natural drainage.
4) By optimum use of water.
5) By crop rotation method.
6) By effective sub-surface drainage system.
7) By adaptation of lift irrigation or sprinkle irrigation methods at those areas where possibility of waterlogging is high.

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