PPC Vs.OPC – Advantages of PPC compared to OPC

Nowadays we are in the hurry of de-shuttering, so OPC is a better choice which gives relatively early strength than PPC.
But in PPC, due to pozzolana contents, it gives a relatively lesser gain in strength than OPC. But in the later state (1year period) it gives more strength than OPC. So it is more useful in dams like construction and plastering, tiling, etc works.

Following are the advantages of PPC compared to OPC

  1. Concrete structure is more durable because of less porosity of water.
  2. Additional resistance towards the attack of alkalies, sulphates, chlorides, chemicals.
  3. Better workability.
  4. Low heat of hydration.
  5. Because of high fineness, PPC has higher cohesion with aggregates and makes additional dense materiality.
  6. Comparative lower Water-Cement magnitude relation provides another advantage for any increase of compressive strength of the concrete.
  7. Better surface finish.
  8. Cost of PPC is less then OPC.

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