Methods for Preservation Of TIMBER

Preservation Of TIMBER is the art of treating the timber with some chemical so as to increase its life, makes it more durable and to protect the timber from attack of fungi, insects etc.

Methods of Preservation

  1. Tarring: Applying a coat of tar or tar mixed with pitch on a timber. It is generally used for rough types of works, such as timber fences, ends of door and window frames.
  2. Charring: It is done to prevent dry rot and the attacks of insects and is carried out at the lower ends of the posts to be embedded in the ground.
  3. Painting: It (oil paint) preserves the wood from moisture and prolongs its life. It can effectively bear white ant’s attack.
  4. Creosoting: Creosote oil is obtained by distillation of coal tar or wood tar. Creosote oil mostly used. It imparts some water properties to the wood.
  5. Ascue Treatment: Ascue is a powder form. Solution of (Ascue: water = 6: 100 parts) is sprayed on the timber.
  6. Fire Proofing: A coating of non combustible material should be done. Water solution of Ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, boric acid etc. is used.
  7. Abel’s Process: In this method, the surface of the timber is first painted with dilute solution of sodium silicate, then with a cream like paste of slaked fat lime and finally with a concentration solution of soda.
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