Know about the Computer

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1. Meaning of Computer

The word “Computer” was derived from the Latin word “Computare” Which means to calculate.

2. Definition of Computer

It is an electronic data processing device, which accepts/receives raw data, processes them and finally Products meaning full information. It can perform certain mathematical calculations and logical operations at a very speed.

3. The computer system works in the principle of IPO

  • Input: The Collection of facts or information which the user gives to the computer is known as input.
  • Processing: The collection effects which are manipulated is know as processing we can not see the processing method.
  • Out-Put: The final result of the processed data or the data which the user has entered as input is known as output.
  • Storage: The computer stores the data and information for the temporary purpose as well as for future use. It is performed by a storage device such as RAM, Hard Disks, and Optical Disks, etc.

4. Computer System

Computer system is divided into 3 types. They are hardware,software and data without these things computer can not run.

1) Hardware:- Hardware’s are the physical or mechanical parts of the computer which can be touched and seen. Computer hardware includes keyboard, monitor, CPU, mouse, motherboard, RAM, etc.

2) Software:- Software is a group of programs that tell the computer what to do and how to do. The software is such a part of the computer that cannot be touched. Hardware cannot be operated without software.

The software can be divided into three major groups:

Application software, system software and Utility software.

a) Application Software :- An application software is a set of programs designed to solve particular problem. For example , For doing drawing , drawing software is used.

Some of the popular application software are :

Microsoft Word: Helps in word processing

Microsoft PowerPoint :  Helps in presentation.

Microsoft Excel : Helps in numerical calculation.

Microsoft Access: Helps in maintaining huge records of office.

b) System Software: A system software is a group of programs, that allows the user to communicate with the hardware. This software manages the resources of the computer system. System software can be future categorized into operating systems and language processors.

  1. Operating System: An operating system is an integrated set of programs that manages the resources and controls the overall operation of the computer system. Some popular operating systems are Ms-Dos, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
  2. Language Processors: Language processors are the programs that translate the program written in high-level languages to the machine language program (Object program). Some of the language processors are Assembler, Compiler, Interpreter, etc.

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c)  Utility Software: An utility software provides the services of developing, editing, debugging and documenting computer programs. They are also known as service programs. Some popular utility software is Norton utilities, PC tools, etc.

3) Data: A data consists of raw facts, which the computer stores and reads. The data consists of letter, numbers, sound or image. The data may be entered from keyboards, floppy disks, CD-ROMs. Within the computer. Data is organized in the from of files.

5.  Characteristics of computer

  • High Speed
  • Automatic
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Storage
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Networking
  • Electronic
  • Non-Intelligent

6. Applications of computer

  1. Education
  2. Space
  3. Technology
  4. Hospital
  5. Science & Technology
  6. Office
  7. Projects
  8. Home
  9. Recording & Film Studios
  10. Research & Universities
  11. Library
  12. Simulation
  13. Communication, Etc.

7. Full form of Computer Parts

  1. CPU = Control process Unit
  2. PS = Power Supply
  3. PC = Personal Computer
  4. HDD = Hard disk Drive
  5. RAM = Random Access Memory
  6. ROM = Read Only Memory
  7. CU = Control Unit
  8. ALU =arithmetical logic unit
  9. CDD = Compact Disk Drive
  10. FDD = floppy Disk Drive
  11. OS = Operating system
  12. MS = Microsoft
  13. IBM = International Business machine
  14. LAN = Local Area network
  15. NC = Networking card
  16. DOS = Disk operating system
  17. XP = Extra Professional
  18. NT = Networking Technology
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