How to store cement in a proper way?

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Proper care and management are required to preserve the quality of cement after manufacture. Even a bad place to store cement can reduce the quality of cement dramatically.

Key points of storing cement in a proper way:

  1. First of all at site use freshly manufactured cement. From the date of manufacture of cement, use it within 50 days. With time, the strength of cement starts decreasing.
  2. Cement shall be stored on raised platforms 15 cm above the floor level and 30cm to 60 cm away from the walls under a leak-proof roof.
  3. Store cement in such a place that is dry and free from moisture.
  4. Not more than 15 bags of cement shall be stacked vertically in one pile and a maximum width of the pile shall not be more than 3m high.
  5. Stack cement close to each other so the circulation of air will reduce.
  6. Cement shall be stored in a way that shall permit the removal and use of cement in the Chronological order of receipt.
  7. Cement remaining in store for more than 60 days from the date of receipt from the factory shall be subjected to test as indicated in IS 269-1978 and used only if found satisfactory.
  8. When temporarily stored in the open for use within 48 hours it shall be kept on a platform of planks about 15 to 20 cm above the ground and covered with a tarpaulin.
  9. Different types of cement or of the same kind but manufactured in a different factory should be stacked and stored separately.

Use following tips to store cement.

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