How to avoid hackers on internet?

The Internet is now integral part of our daily life. Internet usage has also increased in the work of communications, information, search and financial transactions sector.Even if science is not a boon in itself , its misuse and unconsciousness sometimes turn it into anointing.

If you don’t take care of the use of Internet  it may sometimes cause great damage. Due to financial transactions through the Internet, many hackers eyes are on you.

If you are internet user and you do most of transaction, shopping are other things on internet be careful. Hackers may wants to hack your social account, financial transaction accounts. So, it is important to keep your internet accounts safe from the hacker.

For this what measures you can adopt ? Need ideas to be safe and secure in internet ?

First of all, we suggest you not to keep following types of passwords.

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Adopt these measures to get safe from hacker:

1. Stay away from spam e-mails :

Internet users use email for business and personal purposes. This is a very simple and quick way of communication. But the hackers are misusing the email for various information theft and hacking. Various spam can be done by sending such emails.

Spam email folder
Pic Source: Gmail

Such fake fraud emails are like winning lottery, millions of awards and some money donations. This can be done by managing bank accounts and important financial information and hacking the account through the same information.

Therefore, such flagged emails from those who do not know should be deleted. In some emails, the virus has been sent through the attachment. Opening such attachment files attacks the virus with a computer and may hack your account.

2. Check whether it is real or fake website :

Worldwide millions of websites have been created. Some websites are official and provide good information what we want, but some websites are fake websites. Fake websites are opened for the purpose of cheating by naming the right website. Hackers also target such vulnerable fake websites, smartphones and tablet apps.

unsecure website
Picture Source : Pixabay

In many cases, it was found that the hackers create a fake website of bank similar like to it. Bank’s users thinks that was official website of bank so they tried to login during that time the stole their password and username. Be alert about those websites. Even few website ask to enter your bank data, with such fake website of banks, user cannot login to their online account. Therefore, to identify whether a website is a safe website or a website you visit or not, please visit the browser’s address bar and see the lock icon is green or not.

Website name with HTTP’s are secure website because it is certified that a site used a security certificate (SSL). In the same way download the official app of bank. App often mentioned the name of the creator, check it. Similarly, before installing any banking app, study sufficient reviews about it, and just install it as officially. Banking app should be download only from the App Store.

3. Only purchase online products from well-know and verified merchant:

Should not trade on the merchant’s account by trading online or by purchasing any goods. If the value of any item is less than its usual value, then understand it makes you feel guilty. The producers and sellers can give a discount through online, but say 80 %, 90 % discount. online shopping transcation If they show it limited time is remaining or something else be sure before purchasing. If you want to purchase and pay to buy goods at a discount, make sure that you are not getting cheated. Even if it is not a fraud or a product, it may have been stolen or purchased illegally. Even if you find realistic items online, do provide seller confidential ID and password.

4. Don’t use cybercafe for transaction purpose :

That is a software called Keyboard Tracer and others software similar like this that puts a record of every button you press on the keyboard. So thugs and hackers can know and hack your account’s password through this software. Hackers have found confidential information from the cyber cafe’s  computer secretly downloading this software and hack user accounts. So while using a cyber cafe computer check whether it contain any logger software ? Check and do not login such confidential accounts from such public computers as much as possible.

5. Do not save credit card details on your phone :

Many banks have also warned their users about this. Similarly, if someone asks you about your credit card details from the phone, asking yourself the bank, do not answer. Because no bank ask for a credit card or debit card statement with their customer on phone. Such a person may be a thief or a hacker.

We need to do whatever we can to defend ourselves against hacking.

Be safe, stay safe from hackers because you can be their target next.

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