How to make Geology Field Report with sample

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The curiosity gave birth to the geology. It is an applied science, which deals with the study of earth and it’s all compositions. In geological fieldwork examination of the outcrops of rock, bodies upon the earth surface are carefully studied in details and reasonable inference on the geological structure and history of the region are drawn. With a good approach to the geology and reasonable common sense of logical interpretation, one can form a neat picture of the geology of the region.

On the first week of May 2016,we were taken to Malekhu for geological study .

This performance was very effective to boost our knowledge and experience.


  • Study of river channel morphology and landform developed by erosional and depositional activities of running water.
  • Study and identification of rocks in the field.
  • Handling of geological compass and measurement of geological planes (bedding plane, foliation plane, joint plane, fault plane, etc.)
  • Study and identification of geological structures in the field.
  • Study of rock mass and classification of rock mass by the RMR system.
  • Study of mass movement and their mitigation measures.

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Malekhu Field Visit
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