Five illusions related about technology

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In modern times, technology is becoming integral part of  everybody daily life. But in this era of information technology, there are some illusion that are widely spread, due to lack of knowledge and many believe in it and do the same. There is some confusion related to the technology which is not real.

Top five fake rumor around the world of technology:

1. Should not charge the phone until its battery get drain

This is really a confusion to most of mobile users. It is not necessarily to charge the lithium-ion battery of a mobile phone only after charge drainage completely or partially. But how to charge the battery you need to know that. In many battery apps it was suggested that you can charge the lithium-ion battery completely.

But if you want to increase the battery life I suggest you to use following tips How to charge the smartphone battery in the right way ?

2. The virus does not attack Mac computer

This is also an illusion. The virus also appears in the Mac computers of Apple. Malware such as Trojan Horse are equally capable of erasing Mac’s operating systems as they disrupt Windows operating systems. Mac virus is not completely safe, but this virus attack is very low.  Because viruses must be designed specifically for Mac, but many viruses are designed and targeted for Windows operating systems.

3. Cameras with more megapixel to gets good photo

This is the biggest assumption about digital photography. In addition to the camera’s megapixel, the quality of the photo contributes more. Camera lens, camera circuits and sensors, good lighting, compositing and camera controls etc. So, high megapixel don’t mean you will get good picture with it.

4. Laptops effects the male reproductive and make them infertile

In some studies, laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets connected to Wi-Fi have shown that the risk of decomposition of male reproductive. However, according to basic science, the problem is not due to laptops, due to the thermal radiation caused by laptops. Heat can reduce the quality of semen. Due to use of laptops for long period on the lap, the temperature of the laptop increases, due to which it was supposed that it affect the testes. But till now it was just a myth not serious problem like that seen to laptop users.

5. New technical invention always promotes quality

It was believed that if there is some technology is upgraded then that means the quality is updated. This belief can not be applied to all subjects. An example of this is MP3 Three Players. MP3 Three Players and iPods make the world of music accessible to everyone. But whenever you have to pay a price. The MP3 produced by MP3 player is very low quality than sound produced by CD.

That means the quality of sound in CD is far better in quality than MP3.

So these are just illusion about technology.

Technology is, of course, a double edged sword.
Fire can cook our food but also burn us.
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