Effects of Global warming in Climate Change

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The overproduction of greenhouse gases like CO2, NO2, CO, CFC water vapor, dust, etc cover the earth atmosphere as a dense layer. The visible light and infrared rays pass this layer and heat the earth and its various objects. The hot earth and objects emit infrared rays which are absorbed by the gaseous layer and causes the warming of earth atmosphere and its surface day by day and year by year continuously which is termed as Global Warming.

Global warming is increasing mainly due to the causes of human activities such as deforestation, industrialization, transportation, scientific search, and wars, etc. If people do not become alert to this, the temperature of the earth will increase too much.

Due to which ice melt and causes glaciers floods, changes the biological activities and directly affect the living being in land and water.

The increase of temperature of earth and its atmosphere brings the change in water cycle, seasonal change and climate change. Due to this it cause complete alternation in biological activities of living being, breeding season, cropping pattern and harvesting periods.

The change in climate brings the large scale decrease in crop production and badly affects the agriculture system. All the terrestrial animals, aquatic creatures and arboreal animals are equally affected by climate change and most of them may have short life period.

Effects of global warming

  1. It increase the temperature of earth
  2. Brings change in the climate
  3. It melts the polar ice and brings glacier flood due to which level of ocean increases and low lying cities will sink in future
  4. It decreases the breeding rate and fertility rate.
  5. Decreases the crop production due to change in climate
  6. It invites various diseases due to growth of insects, mosquitoes etc.

Control measures of global warming

We can control global warming by following methods

  1. Doing afforestation on the bare lands.
  2. By replacing the use of gasoline with alternative sources of energy.
  3. By banning of high fuel consuming engine.

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