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Course Objectives:

The object of this course is to acquaint the students with the basic principles of programming and development of software systems. It encompasses the use of programming systems to achieve specified goals, identification of useful programming abstractions or paradigms, the development of formal models of programs, the formalization of programming language semantics, the specification of program, the verification of programs, etc. the thrust is to identify and clarify concepts that apply in many programming contexts:

A Complete C-Programming Notes


Bachelor Of Engineering

C Programming Notes For T.U. / P.U. / Po.U.

 Chapter 1 : Introduction to computer system 
 Chapter 2 :  Programming logic 
 Chapter 3 :  Variables and Data types 
 Chapter 4 :  Control Structures in C
 Chapter 5 : Array and String
 Chapter 6 : Function
 Chapter 7 : Pointers 
 Chapter 8 : Structure and Unions
 Chapter 9 : File and Handling

For C-Programming Syllabus

These notes are shared for educational purposes.

The note is compiled by Mr. Yagya Raj Pandey.

All rights reserved to the compiler.

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