Different Types of buildings

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Building simply indicates anything that is built with wall and a roof. The term building in civil engineering palace is used to mean a structure having various components like foundation, walls, column, floors, roofs, doors, windows, ventilators, stairs, lifts, etc.

Normally all buildings are constructed according to drawing and specifications prepared by architects.

Depending upon the character of occupancy or the kind of use, different types of buildings are classified as follows,

  1.  Residential building: These are those buildings in which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes, with or while not cookery or feeding or each facility. Example: Apartment houses, hotels, dwellings, etc.
  2. Educational building: These include any building used for school, college, or day-care functions for over eight hours per week involving assembly for instruction, education.
  3. Institutional building: These include any building, which is used for purposes like medical or other treatment or care of a person suffering from physical or men illness, diseases or infirmity, aged persons, etc. For example Nursing home, Mental hospital, jails, etc.
  4. Assembly building: These include any buildings where a group of people gathers for amusement, recreation, religious, social travel, and similar purposes. Example: Exhibition halls, museums, skating rinks, restaurants, gymnasiums, etc .
  5. Business building: Any building or part of a building which is used for the group action of business, for the keeping of accounts and records and similar purposes. Example: Banks, offices, shops, stores, markets, etc.
  6. Mercantile building: These shall include any building or part of a building that is employed as retailers, stores, market, for display and sale of merchandise either wholesale or retail.
  7. Industrial buildings: Any building or part of a building in which products or materials of all types and properties square measure fictitious assembled or processed. Example: Plants, smokehouses, gas plants, refineries, saw mils, etc.
  8. Storage buildings: Any building or part of a building which primarily used for the storage or sheltering of goods, wares, or merchandise like warehouses, cold storage, grain elevators, bars, and stables, etc.
  9. Hazardous buildings: Any building or part of the building which is used for the storage, handling, manufacture, or process of highly combustible explosive materials or products that are liable to burn.

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