Did you choose most common and weak passwords ?

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Securing your digital account and putting strong password is now the most complex topic. Nowadays peoples have different online accounts and many of them choose the easiest way in the password selection of such accounts.

Fear of forgetting your password, many people keep a simple password.

Did you also put simple password ?

The reason for which anyone can easily find a password. This easier password makes it easier for hackers who are paying attention to others’ accounts.
The British Cyber ​​Security Security Center recently has a survey.

According to which the world’s poorest password is 123456.

Millions of people have kept the same 123456 as their password in their account.

According to the report, 32 million users have used 123456 as a password.

Similarly, the number of people using the password as 123456789 is 77 million. There is also a lot of querty, password and password creation for 11111.

Choosing a hard-to-guess, but easy-to-remember password is important!

According to the survey, most people use their favorite superstar name as a password. According to this, the most used character in the password is superman.

Similarly naruto, trigger, pokemon, and batman have also been used as a significant password.

Likewise, millions of Internet users who make password for the name of their favorite sports team are also millions. Clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have been shown in front of them as a password.

password hackerAccording to the researcher it was found that, accounts containing 123456 passwords have been hacked by different hackers 230 million times.

In that report lists of one million most commonly used passwords is taken from the database.


Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every three months.

According to the report of the British National Cyber ​​Security Center report, the most vulnerable and dangerous passwords in the world are:

– 123456
– 123456789
– Qwerty
– Password
– 111111
– 12345678
– 1234567
– password1
– 12345
– 1234567890
– 123123
– 000000
– Iloveyou
– 1234
– 1q2w3e4r5t
– Qwertyuiop
– 123
– Monkey
– Dragon

We always suggest you guys to keep different password for different social sites as well as for email too. Also always use mixed passwords with character like — ingLish@9*01


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