Compressive Strength test of Brick

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The compressive strength test of brick masonry is done to know the mechanical behavior of a brick. During the compressive strength test of brick masonry, the compressive strength force is applied on the brick samples until the failure occurs ( broken seen in brick).

By this test, it is easy to characterize the behavior of brick masonry from the undamaged state through to peak and post-peak state.

Procedure for Compressive Strength test of Brick

You need to take at least four or five units of bricks as a sample in order to find the average strength of the unit.

A) Sampling of brick

At first, remove the unevenness of the bed face of the brick surface by grinding and make the surface even and smooth.

Sampling of brick
Sampling of brick for Compressive Strength test

Now you need to immerse brick samples on the water for 24 hours. Then take out the brick samples and drain out the moisture at room temp.

Fill the voids and frog of brick with a 1:1 cement mortar ratio

Store these sample underdamped condition for 24 hours for that use jute bags.

After that, these bricks samples are immersed in water for 3 days. And brick samples are taken out after 3 days and water is wipe-out from the surface before taking to the laboratory.     

B) Testing of sample

Put the sample in a compressive testing machine between the 3 mm ply sheet.

 Then apply load in the uniform increase rate of 14Mpa/minute until failure occurs.

And the maximum load at failure is noted for all samples. The load at failure is max at which specimen fails to produce any further increase in indicator gauge on the testing machine.

Formula for Compressive strength of brick

In this way, you can find out or determined the compressive strength of brick.

Compressive Strength of Bricks should be following.

Depending upon the class of bricks compressive strength is different.

Following is the standard value of compressive strength.

(i) Compressive Strength of first-class brick is 105 kg/cm2.

(ii) Compressive Strength of 2nd class brick is 70 kg/cm2.

(iii) Compressive Strength of common building brick is 35 kg/cm2.

(iv) Compressive Strength of sun-dried brick is 15 to 25 kg/cm2.

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