How to charge the smartphone battery in the right way?

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You might have found a person who has a good idea about smartphones. Everyone is complaining about the battery charge of their mobile phone.
With advanced technology and multiple features added, the smartphones are consuming lots of battery of phone. Due to which the high capacity battery also becomes less.

But the battery’s age is dependent on not only in its charging mode but also on the mobile features. If you charge your mobile phones properly, its efficiency and also age will increase.

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According to phone maker companies, the age of battery on mobile phones are on the  range of charge from 300 to 500 times. Then the battery’s capacity will starts to decrease and the battery can not properly store the charge as it used to be.
According to the experts, Lithium ion battery should be charged from 40 to 80 percent. Better not to lose battery charge less than 20%.

The battery of the mobile should not be charged 100% more than once in a one month. 100% battery charging means just like restarting the computer, which should not be repeated.

When you buy a mobile phone, charger and data cable comes with that. Use that original charger for charging only. It is good to charge the mobile phone with its charger. Using the charger that is found in the market can be harmful to a mobile phone battery. If the charger should not have same voltage capacity then it can damage the entire phone.

Lithium ion battery should not be charged for a long time. Charge 40-50 percent per session of charge. And it was found that the mobile phones which are kept without use are discharged 5 to 10 percent in a month.

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