Buying Cheap Smartphone? Pay attention to these 5 things

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Nowadays smartphones are peoples ‘status icon’. Due to this reason, people didn’t give more importance to the features but they want to bring the highly-rated brands like Apple, Samsung, etc. But everyone doesn’t have that much amount to brought high ended smartphone.

Since the market of the smartphone is large, new features and advanced processors are added on the latest smartphone due to which the price of the smartphone is slightly increasing. In Nepalese and South Asian markets you can buy a smartphone starting from five thousand rupees which is equivalent to $50 only. Chinese and Indian phones are becoming cheap in the market. On average $100 – $120, you can carry out the best smartphone.

However, there are not less than $100 or equivalent to NRS 10,000. So, when buying a smartphone from this segment, it is important to ensure that you are using the money in the proper product.

If you pay attention to some basic features of the cheap smartphones, you do not have to regret it.

Five main things are mentioned here..

1. Do not compare with expensive smartphones

Do not compare $100- $120 (NRS 10 thousand) smartphones with the smartphone features up to $500 in the market. You’ll get features as just you pay. So, don’t compare with the feature of a expensive smartphones.

We call these smartphones average and cheap smartphone because we need to compromise on some important features.

For example, phone size, processor speed, camera, and battery life, etc will be naturally less than expensive phones.

2. Check out the features as per mentioned or not

Sometimes mobile producing companies compromise with some important features to produce smartphones at an affordable cost. Sometimes there are fewer features than they are mentioned or written in the package box. So, whether or not the smartphone you are going to buy has or not those mentioned basics features, you should confirm that.

For example, the smartphone called having 4G, internal storage may have or not as per the mentioned. Even though the phone in which a 10-megapixel camera is said, the quality of the picture can be only 5 megapixels or below not as per expectation. Similarly, you should have checked the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and connectivity before buying.

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3. Pay attention to the hardware of cheap smartphones

The most important and thing to be focused on a smartphone is its hardware. You need to pay attention to the processor of the phone. As much as possible buy the latest smartphone available in the market. Also pay attention to the ram, storage capacity, and GPU. It’s appropriate to find a phone with an additional feature.

Other features like display size, resolution, connectivity, and battery capability should also be given attention.

cheap smartphone

4. Take care of the operating system

Usually, when you visit the market to buy a cheap smartphone, shopkeeper tries to soldout the older phone to you from their stocks. So, as usual, their dialogue is you are not gonna a budget smartphone with the latest operating system. Different companies like MI, ZTE regularly provide the latest version of the operating system to there every smartphone as per the hardware capacity.

So, before buying the smartphone make sure that hardware is capable or not to upgrade the operating system to the latest operating system or not.

MI is the best company in the smartphone bussiness who regularly provide updates to their smartphone as per the hardware.

Personal Suggestion !!!

5. Confirm about service center and support center

Most smartphones have a one-year warranty feature on the handset and six months warranty on battery and other accessories. However, the warranty does not matter if there is not a smartphone service center around your area. So, confirm whether the company authorized service center is available or not in your area.

smartpnone support center
Smartphone Support Center

These are the main 5 things you need to check before buying budget phone as well as expensive phones.

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