10 basic requirements for good stairs

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While selecting the stairs for a building, we need to take care of many things. In this articles, we discussed the basic requirements for good stairs. The main work of stairs in a building is to provide easy, simple, quick and safe access between the story/floors of the buildings.

The requirements for good Stairs of buildings are:

i) Location: Stair should be located at such a place where it gets sufficient light and easily accessible from different corners of the building.

ii) Width of the Staircase: Depending upon the purpose of the stair its width varies. In public building the traffic of people is high so it required more width than in residential buildings. The width depends upon the purposed traffic of people who will use that staircase. Usually, a standard is taken for public and residential buildings. For public buildings, we take 1.8m and for residential buildings, we adopt 0.9m width of the staircase respectively.

iii) Length of Flight: For the comfortable o climbing up on the stairway the number of steps in the flight should be a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 3.

iv) Pitch of Stair: The pitch of the staircase should be made flat as much as possible. In general, the slopes of stairs never exceed 40degree and should not be flatter than 25degree.

v) Headroom: The headroom or the clear distance between the tread and the soffit of the flight immediately above it should not be less than 2.14m(6.8ft).

vi) Baluster: Balustrade should be provided in the stair to minimize the danger of accidents.

vii) Materials: Materials used to construct stairs should be strong and safe also fire-resisting.

viii) Winders: The introduction of winders in the stair should be avoided as far as possible. They are liable to be dangerous and involve extra expense in the construction.

ix) Landing: The width of the landing in the good staircase should not be less than the width of the stair flight.

x) Step Proportions: The rise and tread of every step in a stair should have uniform dimensions. To ensure comfortable access for the good staircase, the ratio of the going and the rise of the step should be s proportioned.

  • T +2R= 60-64 cm
  • T x R= 400-426 cm2
  • T + R = 40-45 cm
    • Where, T = Tread R = Rise

Standard values of a good stairs for buildings:

  1. For residential building:
    • T = 22-27 cm,
    • R = 15-17 cm
  2. For public building:
    • T 25-30 cm,
    • R= 10-15 cm

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