AutoCAD Commands Shortcut Key list

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There are many AutoCAD Commands Shortcut Key used in AutoCAD software. In this article, all-important commands, AutoCAD shortcut keys that can help and save the time of AutoCAD users are mentioned.

i) Control Keys

  • Ctrl+n New Drawing
  • Ctrl+s Save drawing
  • Ctrl+o Open drawing
  • Ctrl+p Plot dialog box
  • Ctrl+Tab Switch to next
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to the previous drawing
  • Ctrl+Page Up Switch to the previous tab in the current drawing
  • Ctrl+Page Down Switch to next tabin current drawing
  • Ctrl+q Exit
  • Ctrl+a Select all objects
  • Ctrl+c Copy object
  • Ctrl+x Cut object
  • Ctrl+v Paste object
  • Ctrl+Shift+c Copy to the clipboard with a base point
  • Ctrl+z Undo last action
  • Ctrl+y Redo last action
  • Ctrl+[ Cancel current command (or ctrl+\)
  • Ctrl+0 Clean Screen
  • Ctrl+1 Property Palette
  • Ctrl+2 Design Center Palette
  • Ctrl+3 Tool Palette
  • Ctrl+4 Sheet Set Palette
  • Ctrl+6 DBConnect Manager
  • Ctrl+7 Markup Set Manager Palette
  • Ctrl+8 Quick Calc
  • Ctrl+9 Command Line
  • ESC Cancel current command

ii) Toggle General Features

  • Ctrl+d Toggle coordinate display
  • Ctrl+g Toggle Grid
  • Ctrl+e Cycle isometric planes
  • Ctrl+f Toggle running object snaps
  • Ctrl+h Toggle Pick Style
  • Ctrl+Shift+h Toggle Hide pallets
  • Ctrl+i Toggle Coords
  • Ctrl+Shift+i Toggle Infer Constraints

iii) Function Keys

  • F1 Display Help
  • F2 Toggle text screen
  • F3 Toggle object snap mode
  • F4 Toggle 3DOsnap
  • F5 Toggle Isoplane
  • F6 Toggle Dynamic UCS
  • F7 Toggle grid mode
  • F8 Toggle ortho mode
  • F9 Toggle snap mode
  • F10 Toggle polar mode
  • F11 Toggle object snap tracking
  • F12 Toggle dynamic input mode

Basic AutoCAD shortcut keys

A – ARC / Creates an arc.

AA – AREA / Calculates the area and perimeter of objects or of defined areas.

ADC- ADCENTER / Manages and inserts content such as blocks, and hatch patterns.

AL ALIGN / Aligns objects with other objects

AR ARRAY / Creates multiple copies of objects in a pattern.

ARR ACTRECORD / Starts the Action Recorder.

ATI ATTIPEDIT / Changes the textual content of an attribute within a block.

B BLOCK / Creates a block definition from selected objects.

BH HATCH / Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill.

BO BOUNDARY / Creates a region or a polyline from an enclosed area.

BR BREAK / Breaks the selected object between two points.

C CIRCLE / Creates a circle.

CAM CAMERA / Sets a camera and target location to create and save a 3D perspective view of objects.

CH PROPERTIES / Controls properties of existing objects.

CLI COMMANDLINE / Displays the Command Line window.

COL COLOR / Sets the color for new objects.

CO COPY / Copies objects a specified distance in a specified direction.

CT CTABLESTYLE / Sets the name of the current table style.

D DIMSTYLE / Creates and modifies dimension styles.

DS DSETTINGS / Sets grid and snap, polar and object snap tracking, object snap modes, Dynamic Input, and Quick Properties.

DT TEXT / Creates a single-line text object.

E ERASE / Removes objects from a drawing.

ED DDEDIT / Edits single-line text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature control frames.

EL ELLIPSE / Creates an ellipse or an elliptical arc.

EPDF EXPORT PDF / Exports drawing to PDF.

EXIT QUIT / Exit the program.

EXP EXPORT / Saves the objects in a drawing to a different file format.

EXT EXTRUDE / Extends the dimensions of a 2D object or 3D face into 3D space.

F FILLET / Rounds and fillets the edges of objects.

G GROUP / Creates and manages saved sets of objects called groups.

H HATCH / Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill.

HE HATCHEDIT / Modifies an existing hatch or fill.

I INSERT / Inserts a block or drawing into the current drawing.

IMP IMPORT / Imports files of different formats into the current drawing.

IN INTERSECT / Creates a 3D solid, surface, or 2D region from overlapping solids, surfaces, or regions.

J JOIN / Joins similar objects to form a single, unbroken object.

L LINE / Creates straight line segments.

LA LAYER / Manages layers and layer properties.

LAS LAYERSTATE / Save restores and manages named layer states.

LEN LENGTHEN / Changes the length of objects and the included angle of arcs.

LI LIST / Displays property data for selected objects.

LO LAYOUT / Creates and modifies drawing layout tabs.

LT LINETYPE / Loads, sets, and modifies line types.

LTS LTSCALE / Changes the scale factor of line types for all objects in a drawing.

LW LWEIGHT / Sets the current line weight, line weight display options, and line weight units.

M MOVE / Moves objects a specified distance in a specified direction.

ME MEASURE / Creates point objects or blocks at measured intervals along the length or perimeter of an object.

MEA MEASUREGEOM / Measures the distance, radius, angle, area, and volume of selected objects or sequence of points.

MI MIRROR / Creates a mirrored copy of selected objects.

ML MLINE / Creates multiple parallel lines.

MLA MLEADERALIGN / Aligns and spaces selected multileader objects.

O OFFSET / Creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves.

OP OPTIONS / Customizes the program settings.

OS OSNAP / Sets running object snap modes.

PA PASTESPEC / Pastes objects from the clipboard into the current drawing and controls the format of the data.

PL PLINE / Creates a 2D polyline.

PO POINT / Creates a point object.

PRE PREVIEW / Displays the drawing as it will be plotted.

PRINT PLOT / Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file.

PU PURGE / Removes unused items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing.

PYR PYRAMID / Creates a 3D solid pyramid.

QC QUICKCALC / Opens the QuickCalc calculator.

QCUI QUICKCUI / Displays the Customize User Interface Editor in a collapsed state.

QP QUICKPROPERTIES / Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing in preview images.

QSAVE QSAVE / Saves the current drawing.

QVD QVDRAWING / Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing using preview images.

QVDC QVDRAWINGCLOSE / Closes preview images of open drawings and layouts in a drawing.

R REDRAW / Refreshes the display in the current viewport.

S STRETCH / Stretches objects crossed by a selection window or polygon.

SC SCALE / Enlarges or reduces selected objects, keeping the proportions of the object the same after scaling.

SCR SCRIPT / Executes a sequence of commands from a script file.

SEC SECTION / Uses the intersection of a plane and solids, surfaces, or mesh to create a region.

STA STANDARDS / Manages the association of standards files with drawings.

T MTEXT / Creates a multiline text object.

TB TABLE / Creates an empty table object.

TEDIT TEXTEDIT / Edits a dimensional constraint, dimension, or text object.

TI TILEMODE / Controls whether paper space can be accessed.

TO TOOLBAR / Displays, hides, and customizes toolbars.

TR TRIM / Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects.

UN UNITS / Controls coordinate and angle display formats and precision.

V VIEW / Saves and restores named views, camera views, layout views, and preset views.

W WBLOCK / Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file.

XL XLINE / Creates a line of infinite length.

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