Asphalt – Properties and Use in constructions works

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Asphalt is also outlined as natural or mixture within which hydrocarbon is related to the inert mineral matter. It’s a solid or semi-solid sticky product, fashioned by partial evaporation or distillation of bound fossil fuel oils.

It is soluble in varying degrees in carbon di-sulphide. Asphalt is mostly used in construction works like in road pavement also in DPC works.

Properties of Asphalt

  1. It’s sticky or adhesive and binds powerfully as cement. It adheres perfectly to wood, stone, concrete, and metal.
  2. It’s sometimes solid or semi-solid in the state.
  3. It is black brownish in color.
  4. It is waterproof.
  5. Asphalt was durable and retains its properties for several years.
  6. Elastic in nature
  7. It becomes plastic and workable when heated.
  8. It possesses binding.
  9. Asphalt is not seriously affected by adverse weather.
  10. It is a good conductor of heat, sound, and electricity.
  11. It is ductile and can be stretched without breaking.
  12. Was soluble in varying degrees in carbon di-sulphide.

Use of Asphalt in constructions works

  • It is used as a damp-proof course (DPC) or preventing dampness in walls, floors, and roofs of buildings.
  • It is used as a water repellent layer over flat roofs, arches, and basements.
  • It’s used for lining walls of tanks, swimming pools and in other such places.
  • Used for smooth and non-absorbent flows of bathrooms, latrines, etc.
  • It’s used for making ready paints and roofing felts.
  • In the form of asphalt mortar and asphalt concrete, it is extensively used for paving roads in different ways such as dressing, grouted macadam, coated macadam, etc.
  • It is used for flooring purposes.
  • It is used for preparing useful electric insulating materials when mixed with wood tar pitch, rubber, resin, and other suitable compounds.

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