Android 10: Know the Features of Google’s new operating system

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Google is launching its latest version of the Android operating system later called Android Q now Android 10 soon. It has been told that this new version of Android comes with many new features.

According to the news, Google will provide system-wide dark mode features in Android Q. If this feature is available, the smartphone automatically has a dark mode activate based on the external environment.

According to a website called Android Police, which provides various news and disclosures may inside secrets about Android, the Google Wide Dark Mode feature in Android 10 will set the dark mode of smartphones on auto-unmatched times in sunrise and sunset.

That means that the smartphone itself will be in dark mode when it is dark, it will come out of Dark Mode while light or sunlight.

In fact it will work like the Night Light feature in the existing Android device.

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System-Wide Dark Mode Feature may look great. But there are some shortcomings to it.

After activating this feature, it will automatically work on sunrise and sunset. This feature can not be customized by turning on or off according to your required time. That means, even when you have to visit dark places on day, the dark mode will not be activated. Although on the user feedback and complaints, Google is customizing it. And it was expected that this feature will be updated soon.

The Android, as we’ve said, is only the first hours of Love, immobilized, the hour of the ideal made eternal prisoner” ― Auguste Villiers

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According to the Android Police, there will also be a spectacular feature featuring the device’s battery-powered device in Android 10. This feature will be activated when the phone’s battery low. This reduces the phone’s brightness and will be taken into power saving mode while the battery is low. Due to which the battery consumption on the phone will be somehow less and the battery charge will take a little longer.

According to the news, apart from these features, facial reorganization, privacy control, app verification settings, desktop mode, built-in in-screen recorder, will also be features in Android 10.

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